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The Best Compost Starter For 2023

Composting is an important, familiar aspect of the gardening process. But sometimes you may find your compost is coming out less than ideal, or it’s slow to ferment and needs a boost to become healthy and thriving.

In this case, you want the best compost starter to help get your compost on the right track…and we’re here to help!

Read on for our top picks on compost starters, as well as things to consider when buying, when to use a compost starter, and more.

Compost probably using the one of the best compost starters

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Jobe’s Organics Fast-Acting Fertilizer

Best Compost Starter on a Time Crunch:
Biomaster Compost-It Compost Accelerator

Budget Option:
Convino Compost Starter/Accelerator

Best Overall

Jobe’s Organics Fast-Acting Fertilizer

Jobe's Organics 09926 Fast Acting Fertilizer Compost Starter, 4 Pound

There are several traits you might look for when selecting the best compost starter. Generally, the more organic matter is present in your starter, the better, as this will help it work most effectively with the soil.

You also want your starter to be fast acting and easy to use, maximizing on its potential. Not to mention the draw of a starter that doesn’t attract garden pests or risk becoming diseased but actually helps deter these issues.

We recommend Jobe’s Organics Fast Acting Fertilizer as our top compost starter for all these reasons and more. This fertilizer accelerant checks all the boxes comes highly rated, and can work with multiple different types of compost bases, from hay to eggshells, with remarkable ease.

Look no further than Jobe’s Organics for a compost accelerator that will help you quickly and easily make a workable, all-organic compost! This accelerant will make your garden happy and healthy all season long.


  • Easy to use
  • Made with all organic material
  • It helps deter pests and diseases


  • It has a strong odor and does not mask other compost odors well

Best Compost Starter on a Time Crunch

Biomaster Compost-It Compost Accelerator

Compost-It Compost Accelerator / Starter 100g Spout Pack for All Composting Systems, (100% Natural Concentrate)

Though the claim to fame for just about any starter is how quickly it can turn your compost pile into a useful fertilizer, some of them simply work more quickly than others. This can be a dealbreaker if you are starting late on creating your compost pile or need more in a pinch.

If you are looking for the best compost accelerator to use on a tight schedule, we recommend the Biomaster Compost-It Compost Accelerator. This starter boasts a quick decomposition time of just 1 month, making it one of the quickest options for kickstarting your compost on a time crunch.

As an added bonus, the Biomaster Compost Accelerator has over 60 microbes present. Working together, these microorganisms help neutralize assertive compost odors, making this brand an ideal pick for kitchen and other indoor composting.


  • It helps create useful compost within a month
  • It helps neutralize composting odors


  • One of the more expensive starters on the market
  • It comes in a small bag, so it does not make a sizeable amount of compost

Best Compost Starter On a Budget

Convino Compost Starter/Accelerator

Convino: A Compost Starter/ Accelerator Which Help to Reduce Kitchen Waste Odor and Convert Yard Waste to Fertile Humus for All Composting Systems. Comes in 1 Package That Contains 4 Packets Inside

Compost accelerators are, by and large, not really the most expensive gardening tool on the market. But given their generally smaller packaging sizes, using these accelerators on a semi-regular basis can add up in cost and cut into your gardening budget over time.

If you are looking for the best compost accelerator to help trim back your overall costs without sacrificing quality compost for your garden, we recommend the Convino Compost Starter/Accelerator. 

This kitchen composter is rich in organisms to help break down your compost quickly and effectively and turn it into a great fertilizer.

Coming well-rated among customers, the Convino Compost Starter has been noted for turning out a good amount of compost for its package size in addition to being cost-effective in price. This really is a great compost accelerator for your budget and your garden!


  • Highly affordable
  • It helps create a good portion of useful compost for a small package


  • It does not work as speedily as some other compost accelerators
  • It Occasionally retains a bad odor

SCD Probiotics All-Seasons Bokashi Compost Starter

All Seasons Bokashi Compost Starter - Dry Bokashi Bran for Kitchen Compost Bin - Compost Food & Pet Waste Quickly & Easily with Low Odor by SCD Probiotics (2 Gallon)

Not all starters are created equal. Though most are made of at least partially organic materials, many still contain chemicals to help kickstart the decomposition of the compost materials.

In some cases, this can make a compost accelerator less than ideal and even a bit hazardous for composting in kid and pet-trafficked areas.

For those who are looking for the best starter that’s all-natural, chemical-free, and adds a great, healthy boost to the soil, we recommend the SCD Probiotics All-Seasons Bokashi Compost Starter. This high-quality compost accelerator makes for an especially nutrient-dense, low-odor compost.

Best of all, you can enjoy using this starter worry-free. The all-natural formula ensures that your soil and the plants that feed on it won’t be subjected to any harsh chemicals that could make their way into your food.


  • A chemical-free compost accelerator
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • It makes a more nutrient-dense compost overall
  • Helps neutralize odors


  • It can retain a bit of its own odor
  • Packaging is not always sturdy and may become easily damaged

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Compost Starter for 2023

Someone dumping greens into a compost bin

There are many things you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best compost starter. Here are a few things we thought of while creating our list.

How to Use a Compost Starter

Typically, compost accelerators can be added directly to your existing compost contained in a bin, tin, or another storage container, in order to help move the composting process along more quickly.

In most cases, you can simply mix the compost accelerator into a blend of soil and organic waste material or pure waste material and let it do its work. Within 4 to 6 weeks, the starter will have helped break down the organic matter more quickly and enriched the soil.

However, directions on compost accelerators may vary slightly, so it is always considered best practice to review the packaging on the starter of your choice and follow any instructions provided.

Things To Always Have in a Compost Starter

When selecting the best compost accelerator for your needs, you should generally keep an eye out for a few specific qualities. In general, you want a starter that has as much organic material and as few artificial or chemical compounds as possible.

Also, the more microorganisms and microbes present, the better! Having these as part of your compost accelerator helps cut the time you would typically need for your base compost to develop them slowly over time.

How Much Time You Have to Kickstart Your Compost

There are no two ways about it…compost takes time to break down. This is true whether you use a compost accelerator or not. The starter certainly helps to speed up the process, but even our pick for the best starter on a time crunch will take time to do its work.

When you are choosing your compost accelerator, try to plan in advance how much time you will allow for your compost to mature before you lay it down in the garden. If possible, give yourself more time as opposed to less.

You can always rotate and continue to add to your compost bin, keeping it going as long as necessary, so there is really very little risk of starting it “too soon”. However, you don’t want to start too late and end up with compost you can’t use because it hasn’t broken down fully yet.

Compost Starter FAQ

compost with composted earth and probably compost starter

Should I Always Use a Compost Starter Or Accelerator?

While it may seem like a fast-acting starter would always be useful to give you a quick turnaround, there are some cases where using a compost accelerator may be unnecessary or even counterproductive.

In general, if you are working with a compost bin or heap that is already well-established, easily rotated, and rich in nitrogen, as well as regularly watered and with access to good air circulation, a compost accelerator is not going to add many benefits to the mix.

However, these starters are ideal, especially for indoor compost bins. These tend to be dryer, have less airflow and fewer natural microbes, and are less nitrogen-rich than their larger outdoor compost heap counterparts.

In these cases, a good compost accelerator like those on our list can really swoop in and save the day!

What Else Can I Do To Maximize My Compost and Starter?

A starter is an incredibly valuable tool for helping get your compost in good shape quickly, but it’s not the only asset in your arsenal!

You can also really help your compost thrive, starter and all, by having worms in your compost mix. Worms and their waste help strengthen soil health with natural fertilization, which can help make your compost overall, and your compost accelerator more effective.

You will also want to focus on adding things to your compost that break down quickly and easily. This will help your compost starter work at its optimal speed and efficiency. Things like eggshells, coffee grounds, and leafy greens tend to do especially well.

It’s also helpful to get in the habit of chopping or shredding your compost components before you add them in. These smaller, even shredded pieces are much easier for the microbes to break down in a short span of time.

Wrapping up the Best Compost Starter for 2023

Having the best compost starter on hand will help set you up for maximum success in the gardening season. Now it’s time to visit our Composting page! This is a fantastic resource to help you get compost started that will serve you well and fertilize your garden all year long.

Want more garden content? Visit our gardening page for in-depth guides, explainer posts, and great ideas!