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The Best Bee Suits For Backyard Beekeepers

A good bee suit is an absolute must for most beekeepers to make beekeeping safer and more enjoyable.

While some beekeepers work without a suit, most prefer protection during hive inspections. This is especially important for less experienced beekeepers who are still gaining confidence around their honeybees.

Not all bee suits are created equal, so finding one that will at least reduce the chances of being stung is important. With the best bee suit, you’ll be much more comfortable.

Check out this list of all the best bee suits to find the one that’s right for you.

best bee suit

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Bees & Co. U83 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit with Round Veil

Best Budget Choice:
LONGADS Professional Bee Suit with Gloves and Ventilated Hood

Best High-End Choice:
Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit

Best Overall

Bees & Co U83 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit with Round Veil

Bees & Co U83 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit with Round Veil, L, Silver White

You can’t go wrong with a great overall bee suit.

The Bees & Co. U83 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is perfect for your average beekeeper. It’s reasonably priced and has everything you need.

The round veil style gives you a full field of vision all the way around. There’s elastic in the waistband for a comfortable fit and in the wrist and ankle cuffs. You won’t have to worry about bees sneaking in; thumb and foot loops help keep everything in place.

This bee suit features three regular pockets to hold any important extras you need. There are also two dedicated hive tool pockets, so your most important tool is always within reach.

Cotton knee pads and heavy-duty zippers offer even more protection and won’t wear out. This bee suit is also lightweight and well-ventilated to keep you cool without sacrificing protection from stings.

Bees and beekeepers with sensitive skin won’t get irritated by the fabric. Even better, it’s machine washable for easy cleanup.

Best of all, this bee suit comes with a 2-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong. You can choose from 2 colors.


  • Sixes XXS to 6XL
  • Untreated fabric
  • Dedicated hive tool pockets


  • The round veil is less comfortable for some beekeepers
  • Lighter weight fabric might let determined stingers through

Best Budget Choice

LONGADS Professional Bee Suit with Gloves and Ventilated Hood

Professional Bee Suit for Men Women, Beekeeping Suit Beekeeper Suit with Glove &Ventilated Hood, Multi-Size Bee Outfit for Backyard and Bee Keeper

If you’re looking to save money wherever you can, you can definitely get a quality bee suit on a budget.

This LONGADS bee suit features a detachable fencing-style veil with support to keep the mesh away from your face.

This bee suit is comfortable and keeps stingers from reaching your skin during inspections. You’ll like the elastic waistband and wrists to prevent bees from sneaking in.

The soft fabric will keep you from overheating on warmer days. Double zippers with velcro flaps offer extra barriers to nosy bees. It even comes with goatskin gloves with extra long cuffs for another layer.

You can buy this bee suit worry-free with a 1-year warranty.


  • Double zippers for security
  • Kid and adult sizes available
  • Great price with great quality


  • Hand wash and air dry only
  • Fencing style veil doesn’t offer full field of vision
  • No thumb loops or elastic ankles

Best High-End Choice

Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit

Humble Bee 420 Aero Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil, XXL, Crystal White

If you want only the best of the best, this high-end bee suit has everything you need and is superior quality.

The Humble Bee 420 Aero Bee Suit has lots of layers for excellent ventilation to keep you sting and cool at the same time. The round-style veil gives you plenty of visibility and ensures bees stay far away from your eyes and face.

The pockets let you can easily reach anything you need right at your fingertips.

This bee suit has extra protection to avoid stings. Sturdy brass zippers with velcro covers, elastic wrists, ankles, and waistbands, and thumb and foot holds don’t give bees anywhere to get into your bee suit.

On top of all these quality features, this bee suit comes with a 2-year warranty and a convenient carrying case. The veil is removable for easy washing in your machine. The Humble Bee brand supports non profit conservation efforts and local beekeeping groups.

You can pick between 3 different colors and unisex sizes XS to 6XL so everyone can find the perfect bee suit.


  • High-quality fabric
  • The foam insert is breathable but keeps stingers away
  • 2-year warranty


  • A higher price point is a bigger investment
  • Beginner beekeepers might not need all the extra features
  • Less comfortable veil style for some beekeepers

Best Fencing Veil Style

Sting Proof Premium 3 Layer Unisex White Mesh Beekeeping Suit

Sting Proof Premium 3 Layer Unisex White Mesh Beekeeping Suit Ultra Ventilated Beekeeping Suit Fencing Veil-L

The type of veil you choose is up to your own preferences, and some people like fencing veil style suits better. For many beekeepers, this shape is more comfortable to wear.

The CocoBee USA Beekeeping Supply ventilated suit with fencing-style veil is super light and breathable to keep you comfortable. It offers excellent ventilation, even with three layers of fabric to protect you from stings.

Elastic on the waist, wrists, and thumb loops all help ensure the suit stays in place. You don’t have to worry about gaps near the zippers with velcro tabs.

This bee suit offers plenty of pockets for your tools and equipment to be easily accessible during inspections. It includes gloves and a carrying case, so you’re ready to go.


  • Well ventilated
  • Superior sting protection
  • Available in sizes S to 5XL


  • Handwash and air dry only
  • No elastic ankles
  • The fencing veil has less visibility

Best Round Veil Style

Forest Beekeeping Supply – Premium Cotton Beekeeping Suit With Round Veil

Forest Beekeeping Supply - Premium Cotton Beekeeping Suit With Round Veil | Suitable For Beginner and Commercial Beekeepers | Includes Metal Brass Zippers | Thumb Straps | Hive Tool Pockets - Medium

You might feel better in a round veil-style suit instead. A round veil keeps mesh away from your face and gives you a full field of vision in every direction.

The Forest Beekeeping Supply Premium Cotton bee suit has a round veil made with quality mesh. Sturdy zippers keep the suit secure and won’t let curious bees inside.

2 layers of fabric ensure no stingers get down to your skin. Thumb loops, elastic wrists, and ankles will keep your suit from moving around during inspections.

You’ll love all the pocket space you get with this bee suit. Remove the veil for easy cleaning and choose between sizes M to 2XL.


  • Cotton fabric is comfortable and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Double layered for extra protection


  • The layered fabric might not work as well in warmer climates
  • Fewer sizes available
  • Some beekeepers prefer fencing veils

Best Kids’ Option

Luwint Kids Full Body Ventilated Beekeeping Suits

Luwint Kids Full Body Ventilated Beekeeping Suits - Cotton Bee Beekeeper Suit with Self Supporting Fencing Veil Hood for Children (White/4.9ft Height)

Get the little ones involved while keeping them safe with a kids’ bee suit!

Have your little helper learn along with you without worrying about stings and developing a fear of bees in the Luwint Kids Full Body Ventilated Bee Suit. The detachable fencing-style veil with sturdy mesh protects them where they need it most.

You’ll love the peace of mind you get with the elastic cuffs. Thick cotton fabric does a great job of preventing stings and is machine washable. Four pockets let your kiddo get into it and hold on to all their equipment.


  • Lots of available sizes, comes in yellow and white
  • Sturdy mesh for added safety
  • Velcro tabs on zippers


  • A fencing veil means they can’t see all the way around
  • Kids grow fast, so you may need to size up the next season
  • Less breathable fabric

Best Jacket Style

FOREST BEEKEEPING SUPPLY Ventilated Ultra-Light Bee Jacket

FOREST BEEKEEPING SUPPLY Ventilated Ultra-Light Bee Jacket - Clear View Vented Round Veil with YKK Brass Zippers & Thick for Maximum Protection for Professional & Beginner Beekeepers (2XL)

Many beekeepers prefer to use a beekeeping jacket instead of a full suit. This might be because the fit is more comfortable, it helps them stay cooler, goes on and comes off more quickly and easily, or because they like the freedom of having a separate jacket to work in.

The Forest Beekeeping Supply Ventilated Ultra Light Bee Suit Jacket features a removable round veil with 360-degree vision.

You’ll love the thick material with excellent ventilation. You can really feel so you stay comfortable.

Strong brass zippers are durable, with a velcro tab to close any small gaps, and thumb straps ensure your sleeves stay put no matter how much you move around.

Convenient pockets have room for hive tools, extra smoker fuel, and anything else you might need to keep on hand.

This bee suit comes in sizes S to 3XL.


  • It allows better movement and less overheating than a suit
  • Thick material
  • Better visibility


  • Only offers upper body protection
  • No elastic on wrists
  • Less space for more pockets

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Bee Suit

Gifts For Beekeepers

There are a lot of things to consider to determine what the best suit is for you.

Price is important to consider because beekeeping costs can add up quickly, but you don’t want to spend money on a suit that won’t do the job right.

The climate will also make a difference. If you live somewhere warm, a bee suit with lots of ventilation will help keep you cool during long inspections in the heat. Multiple layers can get hot, but you can also find options that use mesh for breathability.

Sizing your bee suit properly can be a challenge sometimes. When in doubt, it’s always better to size up if you’re unsure. A baggier fit will better keep stingers away from your skin than a tighter suit.

There are two main bee suit veil styles: fencing and round. It’s all up to personal preference, so everyone has a different opinion on which one is better. Round veils give you a wider field of vision, but fencing veils are more comfortable for some people.

Consider how easy it will be to wash your suit, especially if it gets a lot of use. You’ll likely sweat in it and end up with pollen, propolis, and honey on your suit. If it’s important to you, stick with suits with removable veils and machine washable.

If you’re nervous about being stung, a suit with velcro closures over the zippers can give you extra security. Some have multiple layers of fabric or foam inserts for more protection.

A bee suit you feel comfortable in will help you stay calm during inspections, even if your bees aren’t, so you can move slowly and steadily without getting overwhelmed.

Not only will your inspections be more successful, but you’ll also be less likely to get stung and accidentally squish fewer bees as you move your hive pieces around.

Many beekeepers will use their bee suits for protection when removing wasp or hornet nests.

And let’s face it, and once people know you’re a beekeeper, you’ll likely get calls for help with flying and stinging insects. Wasps and hornets are often larger than honeybees and can sting as many times as they want, so a more sting proof suit is the way to go.

Maybe you would rather wear a jacket instead of a full suit. If so, many great bee suit jacket options will be perfect for you.

Enjoy Your New Bee Suit

Teaching Beekeeping

Beekeeping equipment is so important in successfully raising bees, and using the best bee suit will help you have the best experience.

Ensure you maintain your bee suit to protect you for years to come, even if you have cranky bees. No one likes getting stung, and a good suit is your first line of defense.

Now that you’ve chosen a bee suit read up on all the other amazing things you can learn about honey bees!