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The 7 Best Bee Smokers for Beekeepers

For any beekeeper, one of the most important tools is a smoker.

Smokers help make hives inspections easier by calming the bees and interrupting their pheromones if they become stressed. Beekeepers will often use smoke to gently move honey bees around the hive to avoid accidentally crushing any of them while moving equipment around.

There are different kinds of smokers and smoker fuel available, so it might seem a bit overwhelming to figure out what smoker you should use.

Check out this list to help you find the best bee smoker for your specific needs.

Best Bee Smokers

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Foxhound Bee Co Stainless Steel Smoker

Best Budget:
VIVO Large Stainless Steel

Best for Kids:
Benefitbee Bee Smoker for Children

Best Overall

Foxhound Bee Co Stainless Steel Smoker

Foxhound Bee Company Stainless Steel 11-inch Smoker for Beekeeping with Heat Chamber, Burn Shield, Green Bellow and Heavy Duty Features for Producing Smoke when Working Bee Hives

If you’re looking for a great high-quality bee smoker that has everything you need, this one is a great choice.

This is a well-made and heavy-duty bee smoker, so you won’t find yourself needing to replace it after only a season or two. It features a classic and practical design made of durable stainless steel. The bellows are made of synthetic material, so they’ll last a long time.

The larger size is great for people with a few more hives. This allows you to continue inspecting all the colonies in your apiary without having to stop and relight your smoker all the time.

The steel burn shield around the outside of the barrel will ensure you don’t accidentally touch the hot metal. It also helps prevent flammable materials, like dry leaves or grass, from catching on fire if they make contact with the hot outside of the smoker.

Where some bee smokers can be frustrating to keep lit, this bee smoker has excellent airflow and is easier to pump. You’ll have no problem producing smoke and keeping it going. If you’re a beginner, that’s a very helpful quality to have in a bee smoker while you’re still getting the hang of it.

The loop on top of the lid allows you to easily and safely open the top to add more smoker fuel or put any remaining fuel out.

Just for fun, this bee smoker also has a cute little star cutout! It also comes in a smaller size for beekeepers who prefer to use a smaller bee smoker.

Best Budget

VIVO Large Stainless Steel

VIVO Large Stainless Steel Bee Hive Smoker with Heat Shield, Beekeeping Equipment BEE-V001L

There are many reasons you might want to go for a budget-friendly bee smoker. As any beekeeper knows, this hobby can get pretty expensive!

This model has a classic bee smoker design and, most importantly, is very reasonably priced. If you’re hard on your bee smoker and find yourself replacing them regularly, this is a simple solution.

Even though it has a lower price point, it still works well and is made of quality stainless steel. The heat shield around the outside will prevent accidental burns, and the removable grate at the bottom inside the barrel provides improved airflow under the fuel. Use the convenient hook on the lid to safely open it up and add more fuel.

When you aren’t using your bee smoker, use the included metal clip to keep the bellows closed. It also has a mounting hook for easy storage.

Choose from two different sizes to fit your needs for the best bee smoker on a budget!

Best for Kids

Benefitbee Bee Smoker for Children

benefitbee Bee Smoker for Children Mini Stainless Steel Bee Hive Smoker, Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping is so fun to share with kids with so much for young curious minds to learn. Get your kids involved in beekeeping and even give them their own mini bee smoker to use.

This little bee smoker is fully functional, equally adorable, and works just like a full-size bee smoker.

It features the same quality stainless steel construction as any other bee smoker and is safe and easy to use for small hands.

This bee smoker has great airflow through the removable base plate that provides empty space under your fuel.

Of course, it has a metal guard on the outside to protect from burns. It also comes with a safety grate just inside the lid to keep any burning material from coming out the top as you pump.

VIVO Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit

VIVO Beekeeping Starter Tool Kit, Set of 4, Bee Hive Smoker, Brush, Frame Grip, and Stainless Steel J-Hook Lifter Equipment BEE-KIT2

New beekeepers can be a bit overwhelmed when it comes to buying all their equipment for the first time. In that case, the best bee smoker is one that is included in a starter set so you have what you need.

This four-piece set includes a bee smoker, hive tool, bee brush, and frame holder. These are all great items to have on hand before you bring your bees home for the first time.

The bee smoker is made of stainless steel and has a tried-and-true basic design, perfect for beginner beekeepers.

You’ll also find this bee smoker is easy to use, with bellows that aren’t too stiff and plenty of airflow. If you need to add more fuel, just lift up on the convenient hook on the lid.

Once you’re done inspecting your hives, you’ll be able to hang your bee smoker for tidy storage.

Blisstime Bee Hive Smoker

Blisstime Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel with Heat Shield Beekeeping Equipment

For you, the best bee smoker might be one that conveniently comes with fuel so you’re ready to use it right away.

Learning to use a smoker can be challenging, and smoker pellets are made to burn the way you need them to. This bee smoker includes 54 pellets to get you off to a great start. Bee smoker pellets are made from natural materials and are safe for your bees

You can also use smoker pellets as a starter with another type of fuel as well.

This bee smoker is well-priced without sacrificing quality. The stainless steel construction and leather bellows are durable and long-lasting.

You’ll be able to avoid burns with the outer heat guard and lid hook. Your fuel will smolder continuously because this bee smoker has adequate ventilation.

In between inspections, simply use the included clip to keep the bellows closed and hang your bee smoker up on its storage hook.

TOPINCN Stainless Steel Electric Beehive Smoker 

TOPINCN Stainless Steel Electric Beehive Smoker with Heat Shield Handle 5V Beekeeping Equipment Beekeeper Supplies

An electric bee smoker might work better for you than a manual one. If you find your bellows breaking down all the time or have physical limitations that make pumping difficult, this is probably the best bee smoker for you.

This electric bee smoker runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) or USB a charge (just note that you’ll need to use rechargeable batteries).

You can rely on the thick, durable stainless steel construction of this bee smoker. The handle is easy and comfortable to hold while you go through your hives. All you have to do is press one button to control the smoke, and you’re good to go!

Just like most manual bee smokers, this model has a heat guard on the outside to prevent burns, as well as a lid hook for safety.

Any smoker needs airflow to produce smoke, and this model includes a removable steel grate at the bottom to ensure it gets enough air.

It will run for a long time so you can use it on all your hives. When you’re done, hang it by the hook on the back to store it.

GLOGLOW Beehive Smoke Sprayer

GLOGLOW Beehive Smoke Sprayer, Stainless Steel Beehive Bee Smoker Hand-Operated -Scalding Smoke Machine Smoke Output Beekeeping Equipment

If you have a lot of hives or have your hands full, you might want a large, high-output smoker.

This smoker can hold a lot of fuel to stay smoking for a long time, making it perfect for commercial beekeepers or hobbyists with large apiaries.

It can stand on its own to release smoke all around you as you work to avoid stings. When it needs some air, operate the easy-to-use hand crank to create more smoke. It uses the same fuel as any other small handheld smoker.

The stainless steel is sturdy and has a heat shield to keep you from burning yourself or starting a fire by accident.

This is the best bee smoker if you want more bang for your buck.

The Best Bee Smoker Fuel

There are a lot of ways you can fuel your smoker, so try out a few different things to see what you prefer. A combination of different things may also work best for you.

The goal is to create a moderate amount of cool smoke and embers that last a long time. Any fuel you try should light quickly and smolder well.

Some popular options include burlap scrapssmoker pellets, and cotton fibers. You can also repurpose paper products and use newspaper or cardboard.

Pine needles and dry leaves light quickly and easily, and wood chips will burn for a long time once you get them lit.

Some beekeepers like to top their other fuel with green grass to help cool the smoke down before it reaches the bees. You can even add herbs to make the smoke smell more pleasant, which is nicer for you and the bees and can make it less harsh for everyone.

Best Bee Smoker Lighter

The right lighter can make getting your smoker going so much faster and easier.

It’s best and safest to use one that has some length and can be adjusted, like a candle lighter. A windproof flame is always ideal in case there’s a breeze.

Bee Smoker

Butane lighters burn hotter and get your smoker going more quickly. They’re easy to operate and have a windproof flame that won’t blow out.

Try this four-pack of candle lighters, which has different options so you can see what you like best. It comes with a windproof, foldable, basic candle lighter, and flexible candle lighter included so you can try them all.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bee Smoker

A bee smoker uses air intake to fan the fuel inside, then blow it out in the direction you point the smoker.

The most common types are manual smokers, where you have to pump the bellows to expel smoke, but there are also electric versions.

The best bee smoker for you depends on your personal preferences, any physical limitations you might have, and your budget.

Find the Best Bee Smoker for You

Every beekeeper needs a great smoker to use to make hive inspections safer, faster, and less stressful on the bees.

The best bee smoker will last a long time, be easy to light, and be simple to clean. A great smoker that you like will help you keep your bees calm, move them so they don’t get accidentally crushed, and even prevent stings. Not sure what else you need to get into beekeeping? Head over to our honey bee page to learn more!