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The 10 Best Apple Peelers To Save You Peeling Time

The first apple peeler came into existence around the time of the Civil War, invented by David Goodell in New Hampshire. His original model continued to sell well into the 1970s, changing the course of baking apples forever.

Best Apple Peeler

Today, apple peelers remain an essential element in making dishes like apple pie and apple slices. If you’re serious about baking, then having a quality apple peeler is a must. Continue reading to discover the best apple peeler for your kitchen.

Why You Need an Apple Peeler

Best Apple Peelers

Not all of us are as talented at apple peeling as Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle. Investing in an apple peeler will save you time and energy. No more cramped hands peeling apple after apple. No more mess taking over your kitchen.

These appliances have two main functions: peeling and coring. Apple peeling is to remove the skin of the apple without damaging the flesh. Some apple peelers can also core, which is to remove the seeds from its center while keeping the apple intact. More advanced apple peeler models can slice the fruit, too.

Different Types of Apple Peelers

Best Apple Peelers

Among apple peelers, there is a surprising variety. Deciding on the best apple peeler will depend on your needs.

Electric vs. Manual Peelers

Apple peelers can either be electric or manual. The distinction is similar to electric and hand-cranked pencil sharpeners.

Electric apple peelers are hands off, only requiring you to insert the apple. They run on motors, and the appliance will automatically turn the apple. These can peel, core, and even slice depending on the model. The machine will handle the rest.

Manual peelers can be cranks or handheld. The cranks look like a vice used in woodshops. They require you to secure the apple in a clamp which has a blade at the end. You turn the crank, and the apple spins against the blade, which peels off the skin.

Cranks can be freestanding or clamped. Freestanding cranks usually have a suction cup on the bottom that affixes it to the counter. Cranks with clamp will have you clamp it onto a counter edge, similar to how you clamp the apple in place.

Handheld peelers are ones you hold in your hand and peel the apple directly. These are the most labor-intensive.

Now that we have those classifications, let’s dig into the best apple peelers for you!

The 10 Best Apple Peelers

Best Apple Peeler Overall

Kitchenaid 5-Blade Spiralizer

KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment, 1", Silver

If you’re serious about baking, then invest in a Kitchenaid.

Kitchenaid stand mixers allow you to mix any ingredients hands-free. They’re incredibly durable and will last for decades. Kitchenaid never changes the specifications of their design; old accessories (e.g. mixing blades) going back 100 years will fit new models.

The spiralizer screws onto the top part of the mixer. All you have to do is place the apple in the clamp, turn on the mixer, and the Kitchenaid will do the rest. You will find yourself with cleanly peeled and core apples and a neat pile of skin. The machine can handle any size or density of apple and can withstand heavy usage.

Kitchenaid attachments shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. While that means more work to hand wash them, this ensures the spiralizer will have a long life.

Best Apple Peeler for Small Kitchens

PL8 Apple Peeler and Corer

PL8 Apple Peeler Machine PL8 1240

The PL8 is designed to be compact, allowing it to fit in tiny kitchens where space is at a premium.

Its ergonomic design includes non-skid technology, which enables it to stand at an angle without toppling, like it’s on a kickstand. That can be easier to deal with than cups that can lose their suction. Many manual crank apple peelers are horizontal, which can take up lots of space on counters and in pantries. The vertical nature of the PL8 makes for easy storage.

As if that weren’t enough, the PL8’s legs fold in for even better storage possibilities.

Best Apple Peeler: Manual Crank

Johnny Apple Peeler

Johnny Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer, Pie Maker, Stainless Steel Blades, Red VKP1010

When you’re working with a manual crank peeler, you don’t want it wobbling around. The Johnny Apple Peeler is a war horse of an apple peeler. Its cast-iron build is remarkably sturdy when clamped to a table or counter, and it won’t leave any marks.

It has an old-fashioned, 1950s Americana look that tracks with an appliance named Johnny. Its fire engine red shell is modern meets farm-to-table, giving your kitchen some pizzazz.

The Johnny Apple Peeler will slickly separate the skin from your apples. You’re able to control the speed of the crank. It’s best to use when peeling large quantities of apples, as it can take a minute to properly set up. But once it’s up, it won’t let you down.

Best Apple Peeler: Electric

Starfrit Electric Rotato Express

Starfrit Rotato Express, Electric Peeler 093209-006-BLCK

The Starfrit is completely vertical and hands-off. All you have to do is place your apple in the grip and watch it peel away the skin. Or don’t watch. Spend that time working on more important things.

The blade is so sensitive it can peel away the skin of the most tender apple. It knows to stop automatically when the peeling is done. Its nonstick base keeps it from moving around, making sure it doesn’t rip off chunks of the actual apple. There are even two spare blades that come with it, extending the life of this appliance.

Best Apple Peeler: Handheld

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

OXO is another brand like Kitchenaid that puts out top-notch, quality products. They are worth the investment. If you prefer to hand-peel your apples, this handheld peeler is lightweight yet durable. And it’s small enough to fit in a drawer.

The Swivel Peeler has a customized dual stainless steel blade that can slide over the bumps, grooves, and curves of the apple while maintaining a steady peel. The blades flex to peel a large area, cutting down peeling time.

The best part of the OXO peeler is the Good Grips part. It has a soft, non-slip handle that is specifically engineered to be comfortable in the hand. It can help you stave off soreness or skin irritation, especially if you’re peeling several apples.

OXO is a great brand to have on your side, and their Good Grips Super Peeler will be your ally in the kitchen.

Best Budget Apple Peeler

Microplane 2-in-1

Microplane 2-in1 Cabbage Tool - Peeler and Corer - Perfect for Vegetables Like Eggplant, Cauliflower, Lettuce, and So Much More!

For less money than it takes to fill up your gas tank, you can get a peeler and a corer that can prep your apples with efficient skill.

The Microplane 2-in-1 is handheld and effortlessly slices through the toughest skin. Its smooth handle is ergonomically designed to put little stress on the wrist and joints of your hand. It’s very comfortable for the hand as you peel your apples, and the wide blade can effortlessly peel large pieces of fruit.

Under the handle is the rust-resistant coring blade. You can shove it into the apple and pull up its seeded core with ease in one smooth yank.

When you’re done, you can pop it into the dishwasher for simple cleaning.

The Microplane is safe and easy to use. Don’t let its small size fool you! It’s a powerful tool that can take on any apple peeling and coring challenges you’re facing in the kitchen.

Best Apple Peeler for Kids

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

Make apple peeling and baking a family affair! Gets your kiddos helping with this bright, fun apple peeler. It has a clear design so you can see the turns and cranks at work, kind of like those old phones every cool teenager had in their bedroom the “˜90s.

Kids can get an intro lesson in physics and mechanical engineering while they’re helping you peel. They’re able to watch and understand how levers and pulleys work to put machines in motion.

In addition to the cool points you’ll score as a parent, the Starfrit also works remarkably well in getting the meal prep done. It peels with a patented wide blade to make large clean strokes across the apple.

Turn apple peeling into an educational, family-focused activity. And can we bring back those see-through “˜90s phones? Those were cool.

Best Handheld Apple Peeler for Tough Skins

Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Translucent Peeler

KUHN RIKON, Black Original Swiss Peeler, Set of 1

If you’re short on cash but high on ambition, pick up a three-pack of these peelers, which will only set you back fifteen bucks.

They may look simple, but they come highly recommended by professional chefs around the world. They’re the secret little weapon to helping them peel quickly and efficiently, and you’ll find a Kuhn Rikin in several high-end kitchens.

The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler is a great basic product to have around in case your mechanical peeler isn’t working. They may look lightweight, but they’re surprisingly durable, perfect for peeling any kind of apple. Each peeler in the three-pack has a different colored handle, so you can even change up the peeler depending on your mood.

Best Apple Peeler for Beginner Bakers

Spiralizer Potato and Peeler/Center Remover

Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler Corer by Spiralizer, Durable Heavy Duty Die Cast Magnesium Alloy Peelers

This is another budget-friendly appliance to invest in as you dip your toe into the world of baked apples. The Spiralizer is a peeler and a corer, and even though potato is in the title, it works just as well with apples.

The rust-proof winding rod is strong and can handle any volume of apple, delivering clean, skin-free fruit. The suction cup at the bottom keeps it in place for heavy-duty jobs.

As you get more acquainted with peeling, you can always trade up to a fancier model or go the electric route.

Best Apple Peeler All-In-One

Pampered Chef 2430

Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer #2430

The Pampered Chef 2430 is one of the only apple peelers on the market that can peel, core, and slice apples. Its durable frame can handle a large volume of apples, making baked apples or apple pie a cinch. It is on the higher end of cost, but it will last you a long time.

Getting to the Core of the Best Apple Peelers

There is surprising breadth in the apple peeler market. It can seem overwhelming knowing which one to go with. You can go electric or stay manual or go even more manual with a handheld. Our chips are with the Kitchenaid Spiralizer as the best apple peeler. Durable, efficient, and user-friendly, Kitchenaid products will never let you down.

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