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The 13 Best Apple Orchards in Massachusetts

When you are looking for a great apple farm, you will find some of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts make for an extraordinary apple picking experience. As the weather cools and the apples ripen, it’s time to turn our attention to fall festivals and apple harvests. 

New England apple orchards run the gamut with u-pick options, picked-for-you offerings, wineries, craft cider, and fresh, local farm stand produce.  Visiting an apple orchard in autumn is one of those family traditions that bring us closer to nature and create memories for years to come.

Our list of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts is in no particular order, but you will find all the orchards mentioned offer beautiful apple farms that grow exceptional apples. 

1. Carlson Orchards

Harvard, Massachusetts

Apples lying on the ground around apple trees on a farm -- a common sight at many of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts

Carlson Orchards, in Harvard, is a bucolic, 100-acre working farm. They offer classic orchard apple picking including Gala, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Ginger Gold, Cameo, Fuji, and many others. With over 20 varieties of apples, you will find your old time favorites and new must-have apples.

In addition to apples. Carlson grows raspberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, and so much more. 

Their Cider Barn has five different varieties of crafted hard cider including Harvard Harvest and Shandy Stand. You can enjoy something tasty and delicious from the food truck parked at the farm along with one of Carlson’s sweet or hard ciders.

2. Tougas Family Farm

Northborough, Massachusetts

At Tougas Family Farm, located in the central Massachusetts area of Northborough, they grow classic apples including McIntosh, Gala, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Sun Crisp, and many more traditional varieties. You can also choose from not-so-easy-to-find options like Sansa, Golden Supreme, Liberty, Pinova, and more which is why Tougas is one of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts. 

More than just an apple farm, they grow strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, nectarines, and pumpkins, most with a pick your own option. This apple orchard is a classic example of how to take apple picking and elevate it to a fall day of family fun. 

The Farm Kitchen offers homemade baked goodies, apple cider donuts, and ice cream. In the Barnyard, watch goats and other critters scamper around their pens. 

3. Lookout Farm

South Natick, Massachusetts

Located in South Natick, Lookout Farm is an apple orchard that specializes in combining agricultural education with the farm experience. When you visit, you will be treated on an outdoor farm dining adventure. Join fellow guests at picnic tables for Lookout Farm crafted hard ciders and beers while munching down on traditional New England fare. 

While providing visitors with apple picking options, the farm also sells fresh produce grown on the 180 acres of solar-powered, energy-efficient farming. Growing ecologically is especially important as we move forward and work to use our limited land more effectively and efficiently. 

4. Bartlett’s Orchard

Richmond, Massachusetts

A just of apple cider, a bag of apple donuts and a red apple all arranged on a red picnic table -- cider and donuts are just some of the offerings found at the best apple orchards in Massachusetts.

At Bartlett’s Apple Orchard and Farm Market, in Richmond, they have been growing apples for over 70 years. With a bountiful annual harvest of over 11,000 bushels of apples, Bartlett’s is an apple orchard with plenty of skin in the game. 

They offer 13 different varieties of pick-your-own apples including classics like Macoun, Ida Red, Red Delicious, and Paula Red. You can also pick some less common varieties like Mutsu, Liberty, Jonagold, and Jonamac. It’s always great to explore alternative varieties. You never know when you will encounter your next best favorite. 

The Farm Market Store is open year-round and offers delicious goodies including fresh apple cider, cider donuts, assorted apple muffins, apple turnovers, assorted pies, cookies, and more. 

You can also have their delicious apples shipped to friends and family who are not lucky enough to have one the best apple orchards in Massachusetts right in their backyard. 

5. Red Apple Farm

Phillipston, Massachusetts

Red Apple Farm, in Phillipston, grows a whopping 50 different varieties of apples along with peaches, pears, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins, sunflowers, and more. You can pick your own fruit at the apple farm while enjoying the view of beautiful Wachusett Mountain. 

Red Apple Farm uses Integrated Pest Management, something many Massachusetts apple orchards are exploring to help with sustainable practices. Their ecologically conscious farming practices makes them one of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts. 

In addition to fruit, their Country Store sells local specialty items like maple syrup, honey, and gifts along with home baked cider donuts, and delicious fudge. Their onsite Cidery produces seasons hard and soft cider options for your tasting enjoyment. Stop by for a refreshing, locally produced craft cider and kick back and enjoy the scenery. 

While you are visiting for a fun apple picking day, enjoy a wagon ride followed up with a caramel apple. Don’t forget to check out all the barnyard animals who are ready to say hello. 

6. Clarkdale Fruit Farms

Deerfield, Massachusetts

Located in Deerfield, Clarkdale Fruit Farms is home to over 40 varieties of apples along with peaches, pears, plums, cherries, and grapes. Apple picking McIntosh apples each fall will become a family favorite outing. A few of the other varieties offered include Gravenstein, Zestar, Roxbury Russet, Hyslop Crab, Liberty, and so many more. 

Like all the best apple orchards in Massachusetts, Clarkdale practices Integrated Pest Management sustainable agriculture. Massachusetts apple orchards are working hard to be at the forefront of ecologically sound farm management practices. 

7. Smolak Farms

North Andover, Massachusetts

The stars at Smolak Farms, in North Andover, are Ande and Al, two adorable resident alpacas who share their farm-friendly lamas, pigs, deer, goats, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, and other barnyard critters. 

This is a classic example of a Massachusetts apple orchard, but they also grow peaches and plums. The Farm Stand Kitchen offers perfect picnic sandwich fare for your enjoyment. Take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch, apple picking, a hay ride, and a visit with the farm animals for a perfect family fun-filled afternoon. 

8. Parlee Farms

Tyngsboro, Masschusetts

At Parlee Farms, in Tyngsboro, they grow over 20 different types of apples including Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Gala, Early Fuji, Cortland, Royal Empire, Decoster Jonagold, Cameo, and more. This beautiful apple orchard sprawls across 19 acres where you can enjoy an old fashion hayride through the apple trees. 

Grab a bag of freshly picked apples from the Farmstand along with classic apple cider donuts. Their warm apple crisp will make you nostalgic for the good old days. For the youngsters, there is a hay play maze and an animal barn where you can feed the resident farm animals. 

9. Stowe Farm

West Millbury, Massachusetts

Located in West Millbury, Stowe Farm is an equestrian and apple farm making it a unique farm visit. This 6th generation farm grows a great selection of apples including Gala, Cortland, Fuji, McIntosh, and specialty apples like Candy Crisp.

Rated one of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts, Stowe Farm houses an interactive barnyard where you can meet and greet their farm animals. Kids can also ride the cow train, visit the horses, and climb an eight8-foot monster truck. 

Enjoy some of their craft hard cider and on the weekends, their country barbeque truck fair. The country store carries lots of local goodies. Other interesting activities at the farm include picking out a Christmas Tree, doggie obedience training, and summer camp. 

10. Nashoba Valley Winery

Bolton, Massachusetts

Two men enjoying apple cider in an orchard -- many of the best orchards in Massachusetts make cider with apples from their orchards.

Nashoba Valley Winery, in Bolton, grows over 100 varieties of antique apples for wine and cider making. Nashoba is the perfect spot to enjoy spreading orchards, great food, delicious ciders, and complex wines. Visiting Nashoba is a fun and interesting way to spend the day in one of the Massachusetts apple orchards that focuses on wine production. 

11. Connors Farm

Danvers, Massachusetts

There is lots to do at Connors Farm, a classic Massachusetts apple orchard located in Danvers. 

Their Country Kitchen offers daily made hot apple cider donuts: a real down-on-the-farm treat. You will also find plenty of apple orchard goodies like apple cider slush, baked goods, caramel apples, and, of course, apple cider. 

More than just a run-of-the-mill apple farm, the BBQ pit will be your go-to stop for burgers and dogs along with the classic fried dough. Or head over to the smokehouse for some St. Louis ribs or Texas brisket. Don’t forget to stop at the sweet shop for some ice cream, cotton candy, fudge, and other sweet treats. 

With all the delicious foodie options, Connors Farm certainly makes the list as one of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts!

12. Autumn Hills Orchard

Groton, Massachusetts

Autumn Hills Orchard, in Groton, grows over 25 varieties of apples along with peaches, pears, grapes, and plums. Their apple farm classics include Gala, Paula Red, Cox Orange Pippin, Macoun, and Honeycrisp among others. 

Stop by this beautiful rural farm for some traditional autumn orchards apple picking fun.

13. Crow Farm

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Located in the uniquely-named town of Sandwich, Crow Farm offers pick your own seasonal produce including apple picking, along with strawberry and pumpkin picking. 

Visit the Best Apple Orchards in Massachusetts

Spending a fall afternoon in an orchard apple picking, exploring apple orchards to enjoy blazing fall foliage colors, plus all the delectable treats available at their farm stands is a wonderful way to make lasting family memories. We hope we’ve been able to show you that when you’re looking for some of the best apple orchards in Massachusetts, you’ll find a lot of great options. 

For all your apple questions, types of apples, and growing apple know-how, keep reading all about apples!


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