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The 11 Best Apple Orchards in Kansas

There is something endearingly nostalgic about rows of trees, ripe with apples ready to pick, right in the heart of the country. After all, what could be more American than the heartland and hand-picked apples? With its rich, fertile soil, Kansas is an amazing place for growing many varieties of apples.

Whether your family is looking for a relaxing day of apple picking or you want to see one of the most interesting apple farms in the country, Kansas does not disappoint.

Here are the 14 best apple orchards in Kansas to visit!

1. Cider Hill Family Orchard

Kansas City, Kansas

a bushel of apples from one of the best apple orchards in Kansas

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, Cider Hill Family Orchard is first on my list of best apple orchards in Kansas because it has it all. Situated on 38 acres, this 1500-tree orchard offers 18 different varieties of apples for your picking pleasure.

Cider Hill’s picking season begins in late July with their first early apple, the Pristine apples. The season lasts through November and concludes with the Golden Delicious.

Visitors can enjoy a day of picking apples themselves, or have the staff pick for them. They offer an apple wagon ride to carry you to the orchard and encourage you to take your time among the trees enjoying the different varieties as you pick.

This is one of the best apple orchards in Kansas, offering a wide range of activities and events, in addition to the wonderful apples you’ll find there.

Not only can you pick apples, but the Cedar Hill also offers a wide range of family friendly activities, from hayrides and kids train rides, to apple-themed foods including donuts, slushies, and more!

2. Meadowlark Farm Orchard and Cidery

Rose Hill, Kansas

The next destination on my list of best apple orchards in Kansas is located in Rose Hill: Meadowlark Farm opened for business in 2010. Run by Tom and Gin Brown, the farm has planted over 2000 apple trees since it began eleven years ago. Apple season begins in July and runs through late October/early November.

At Meadowlark, you will find mostly dessert variety apples, more suited for the Kansas climate, such as Gala, Jonathan, Cortland, Fuji, and Pink Lady. They have also planted a few disease-resistant varieties such as Pristine, Enterprise, Williams Pride, and Winecrisp, to name a few.

Now also a federally licensed Cidery, Meadowlark has also planted a few more exotic cider varieties like Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Binet Rouge, Wickson Crab, and Golden Hornet Crab  

As one of the best apple orchards in Kansas, they take hospitality to the next level, encouraging visitors to stay as long as they like while visiting the orchard and far.  They provide guests with picking buckets, baskets, and totes to make it easier to haul your fresh picked apples back to the store for purchase.

They also offer a variety of family friendly activities, live music, and offer educational tours for schools, churches, and other groups.   

3. Wagon Wheel Orchard

Gardner, Kansas

Golden Delicious apples hang from a tree branch

They say variety is the spice of life, and no other best apple orchards in Kansas boast the variety that Wagon Wheel Orchard does. Offering over 1000 (you read that right) varieties, you can understand why this Gardner, KS orchard made our list of best apple orchards in Kansas.  

Their picking season runs from late summer through fall. In the early season, you will find varieties such as Fuji, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, and Liberty. Later in the fall you can pick Granny Smith, Ben Davis, and Arkansas Black.

For a more extensive list of the varieties they offer, visit their website linked above, but for the most up-to-date information available, be sure to visit the farm’s Facebook page.

Don’t rush out to visit Wagon Wheel Orchard right away, though. Wagon Wheel Orchard encourages you to call ahead and schedule an appointment prior to making your visit. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed when you visit this amazing Kansas apple orchard.  

4. 86th Street Orchard

Topeka, Kansas

If our last orchard made this list for its size and variety, this one makes our list of best apple orchards in Kansas for its quaint, intimate feel. Situated in Topeka, Kansas, 86th Street Orchard proves that tiny can also be mighty. Still in its early stages, 86th Street is a small 10 acre orchard with 40 apple trees.

Picking season begins in late September, with varieties such as Granny Smith, Winesap, Fuji, and Red and Yellow Delicious available. Be sure to call ahead and schedule your appointment before heading out to the orchard.

This is a small operation that offers an intimate experience that will send you back to a more nostalgic time. This orchard also offers raspberries, and blackberries, and has a variety of other homespun goods for sale including honey and tomatoes.

You will want to reach out to 86th Street Orchard ahead of time to schedule your visit. Since they offer such an intimate and unique experience, you need to book your trip in advance. 

5. Steffen Orchard

Conway Springs, Kansas

If you are looking for an orchard whose reputation precedes them, look no further than Steffens Orchard in Conway Springs. There’s a reason why they’ve made it onto my list of best apple orchards in Kansas! Steffens Orchard has 20 acres of apple trees available for picking between August and October.

Word of mouth is the driving force behind this orchard’s success, and all who visit would agree that it is one of the best apple orchards in Kansas. Visitors to the orchard can choose to pick their own, or purchase pre-picked apples when visiting.

Be sure to call ahead for an appointment before making the trip to Steffens. The orchard is only open to the public when fruit is ready to be picked, and be sure to bring cash or check as service can be spotty making electronic payments difficult and unpredictable.

6. Sunflower Orchards

Paola, Kansas

Apples on a tree with a white ladder in the background.

Sunflower Orchards is a U-Pick orchard located in Eastern Kansas in Paola. Less than an hour from Kansas City, this 200+ tree orchard features varieties such as Arkansas Black, Gala, Blondee, Red Fuji, Goldrush, Suncrisp, Winecrisp, and Jonagold, just to name a few. No wonder it’s one of the best apple orchards in Kansas!

The family run, agritourism orchard is open for tours throughout most of the fall, with U-Pick times available from late August through October. You can call ahead of time or visit their Facebook page to find a schedule of available dates and times.

This is one of the best apple orchards in Kansas to take the family on a rustic adventure. 

7. The Applehutch

Plains, Kansas

Located in Plains, Kansas, The Applehutch is a fifth-generation, family owned U-Pick orchard. Varieties such as Gala, Honeycrisp, Cameo, Aztec Fuji, and Granny Smith are available for picking from late August through October. 

The Applehutch is a little bit off the beaten path and offers some pretty unique activities that you’re not likely to encounter in many other places. Not only will you be able to pick your own apples, but you’ll also enjoy live and local music as well. There is also a play place for the kids

8. Pome On the Range

Williamsburg, Kansas

With its fun and unique name, Pome on the Range Orchards and Winery makes our list of best apple orchards in Kansas for several reasons.

Located just southwest of Ottawa in Williamsburg, Pome first opened its doors in 1983. Since then, it has grown to now offer 25 acres of apple trees available for picking throughout September and October.

Pome on the Range has one of the friendliest and most helpful staff you’ll find at any orchard and are available to assist you with all your picking questions and needs.

Most apple farms close during the off-season, but Pome on the Range remains open year round, offering a wide range of ciders, wines, vegetables and other items for sale from their Winery.

You can call ahead to schedule a pick-your-own apples or pumpkins experience, as well as organize larger tours for schools and other groups. You can also reserve space at this apple orchard for private events.

9. Gieringers Family Orchard & Berry Farm

Edgerton, Kansas

basket of apples in the sunlight

If you are a fan of u-pick farms and best apple orchards in Kansas, chances are you already know about Gieringers Family Orchard and Berry Farm in Edgerton.

Began in 2001, Gieringers has been known for its berries and peaches for years. However, in 2018 the farm planted its first batch of apple trees. Unlike other apple orchards, the Gieringers orchard grows their apple trees using a trellised method and offers over 15 different varieties of apples.

Given their longstanding history of excellence, we have no doubt Gieringers Family Orchard and Berry Farm deserves a spot on our list of Kansas’ best apple orchards.  

10. Brenda’s Berries and Orchards

Brenda’s Berries and Orchards is easily one of the best apple orchards in Kansas. Open year round, Brenda’s Berries and Orchards in Chetopa offers both harvested and U-Pick apples. Early season apples are available pre-picked from late August through March, while the U-Pick season begins in late September.

Make sure to check the website for the most up-to-date information available regarding when fruit is ready to be picked.     

This orchard keeps an updated website that will let you know what’s currently in season so that you and your family can decide what time of year you want to go picking. Their website has rave reviews for their apples as well as for their berries. 

11. St. Andre Orchard

Atchison, Kansas

baskets of apples on the ground

Just outside of Atchison, you will find the last but certainly not least best apple orchard in Kansas: St. Andre Orchard. For those looking for a slightly more organic orchard, you may want to give St. Andre’s a chance. Ran by the Rziha family, St. Andre considers itself a nature-friendly orchard, using a minimal amount of spray and never any systemic pesticides.

St. Andre Orchard offers a good variety of apples to choose from, including Pristine, Williams Pride, Zestar, Cameo, and Gold Rush to name just a small few.

St. Andre Orchard welcomes visitors during harvest season. You can schedule an appointment to come pick apples as early as August by visiting their website.

The folks at St. Andre consider themselves connoisseurs of fine fruit, and hope you will agree they are one of the best apple orchards in Kansas.

Go Visit the Best Apple Orchards in Kansas!

It’s easy to see why these eleven places are the best apple orchards in Kansas. Whether you are looking for an apple orchard that’s a great destination for some family fun, or you’ve got plans for an adventurous date that starts with apple picking, these Kansas apple orchards are the fall destinations you’ve been looking for. 

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