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The Best Backyard Swing Sets: Our Top 5 Picks

Some of the best childhood memories ever made all take place in the same universal, imaginative haven of escapism and endless fun: the backyard swing set. These structures come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes, from plain and functional to pirate ship themed. The sky’s the limit–which can make it hard to choose the best backyard swing set for you!

We’re here to help. Check out our roundup of the best backyard swing sets out there, as well as some things to consider before purchasing one for your backyard.

Backyard Swing Sets

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Creative Playthings Spring Hill Wooden Swing Set

Budget Option:
Trekassy 440lbs 2 Seat Swing Set

Best Plastic Option:
Step2 Play Up Gym Set

Best Overall

Creative Playthings Spring Hill Wooden Swing Set

Creative Playthings Spring Hill Wooden Swing Set (Made in The USA) for Ages 2 to 12 Years, Includes Kids Climbing Wall, Playground Swings and Slide, 15 x 14 x 11 ft

When choosing the best of the best backyard swing sets, it’s important to have a view for the future. Backyard swing sets often have the opportunity to last for a very long time, growing with your kiddos and providing years of backyard play.

With this in mind, you want a backyard swing set that has built in durability, a wide age range appeal, and even the ability to be adapted to your kiddo’s changing interests and needs as they grow up. This is what makes the best backyard swing sets not only worth the price at purchase, but worth the investment for years to come.

Given that, we recommend the Creative Playthings Spring Hill Wooden Swing Set as our overall pick for the best backyard swing set. This set is large, durable, and sturdy. It can withstand all kinds of rough weather and environmental hazards as well as rough play, so you can be confident in its safety as long as your kids use it.

In addition, this backyard swing set comes with some incredibly handy accessories and add ons, which can be purchased to meet your kids where they’re at with their interests and physical abilities as they mature.

Though it’s on the pricier side, this backyard swing set lives up to the hype. It’s a worthwhile investment for the moment, and for your kids to have hours of fantastic play for years to come.


  • Has a wide variety of accessories and add ons that can be used to upgrade the backyard swing set over time
  • The various types of add ons make this backyard swing set ideal for growing with your kiddos
  • Includes a picnic table so kids can have their own space to eat


  • Not generally deemed safe for toddler use under the age of 2
  • On the heavier side at nearly 600 pounds

Best Budget

Trekassy 440lbs 2 Seat Swing Set

Trekassy 440lbs 2 Seat Swing Set for Backyard, 1 Saucer Swing Seat and 1 Belt Swing Seat with Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Stand

Backyard swing sets are in high appeal for so many families nowadays. But sometimes, you don’t want all the bells and whistles that come with a big, fancy play set. Nor do you necessarily have the option to afford backyard swing sets that range into the thousands of dollars.

Still, if you want all the fun of both dependent and independent swinging in your own backyard–no trips to the park required–then we’ve got you covered. The Trekassy 440lbs 2 Seat Swing Set provides just what you need: two different options for swinging at a highly affordable cost.

This sturdy swing set offers a belt swing for bigger kiddos and a saucer swing for all ages. Multiple kids can enjoy the saucer swing at once, while independent swingers can enjoy the belt swing to their heart’s content. For all its sturdiness, this remains a very affordable option, so you don’t have to cut corners on safety and enjoyment for your backyard swing set to fit into your budget.


  • An ideal option for families on a budget
  • Will fit in most sizes of backyards
  • Offers two different types of swings–a belt swing and a saucer swing
  • A sturdy, safe, well built backyard swing set


  • Only has the option for the two built in swings–there are no add ons or accessories available
  • Can be a bad fit for little toddlers unless they are being supervised at all times on the saucer swing

Best Plastic Option

Step2 Play Up Gym Set

Step2 Play Up Gym Set | Kids Outdoor Swing Set with Slide | Plastic Play Set with Swings

We get it–your standard backyard swing set can be cumbersome, bulky, unwieldy, and difficult to transport with so many metal pieces that all have to be fitted together. Not only that, but the metal can pose some risks to smaller toddlers. Sometimes, all you want is a sturdy plastic option that fits your needs, space, and lifestyle, without being glaringly bright or tailored toward tiny kids.

For this purpose, we recommend the Step2 Play Up Gym Set. This backyard swing set with accompanying mini-fort and slide is a hit with toddlers and younger kids, and quite popular with the parents as well! This swing set offers hours of fun without taking up a ton of space, and despite being made of plastic, it’s durable enough to withstand bad weather, house moves, rough toddler play, and more.

If you want a backyard swing set that fits in a smaller yard, is plastic but sturdy, stands up to rough play and can be used by little kids and older kiddos alike, then this might just be the best backyard swing set for you.


  • A small, safe, sturdy option, great for more diminutive backyards
  • Particularly popular with toddlers a year old and up
  • Has the option to add in a child’s safety swing for the littlest users


  • Some consumers report difficulties with assembly. It can take two people multiple hours to assemble it.

Best For Toddlers

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

Little Tikes Hide & Seek Climber and Swing, Indoor Outdoor with Slide - Easy Set Up - Toddler Playset, 53.50''L x 52.00''W x 41.00''H

Sometimes, you aren’t ready to jump right to a large, fancy backyard swing set with forts and climbing walls included. If you are looking to start small, with a backyard swing set perfect for babies growing into little toddlers, then where better to look than at the behemoth brand Little Tikes?

The Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber is made for easy use for both parents and little ones. Easy and quick to assemble and easy to use, this backyard swing set comes without bells and whistles, but is perfect for little ones to swing in, climb on, slide down, and enjoy to their heart’s content.

Not only that, but because of its diminutive stature and compact design, this backyard swing set can actually be moved indoors during the cold months! Use it to turn your garage, basement, living room, or any space in the house into an indoor oasis that will keep kiddos entertained all winter long.


  • Features a nice, sturdy bucket seat and a solid and durable slide
  • Quick, easy assembly, can be put together in a matter of minutes without any tools
  • Its small, compact size and shape makes it perfect for both outdoor use in the warm months and indoor use in the winter


  • Can be difficult for small toddlers to maneuver up the slide
  • Taller toddlers may outgrow this backyard swing set quickly

Best For Older Kids

Lifetime 91069 Big Stuff Swing Set

Lifetime 91069 Big Stuff Swing Set, Earthtone

Just as some families are only in need of a small backyard swing set for their toddlers to enjoy, some folks are looking for a big backyard swing set that matches the energy of their bigger kids. With this in mind, we recommend the Lifetime 91069 Big Stuff Swing Set.

This backyard swing set is an absolute blast! It offers a bevy of fun features, from climbing options and slides to a trapeze bar, exploratory binoculars, and more. Kids of all ages can enjoy creativity with this set’s chalk wall, or enjoy a meal at the built-in picnic table before getting back to playing.

With so many fun features stimulating the imagination and inviting kids to flex their muscle and test their agility, this backyard swing set is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. And because of its larger size, it can continue its use up through their adolescence.


  • Features several accessories that are perfect for encouraging active play in older kids
  • Offers several features that are fantastic for younger kids to enjoy as well
  • Plenty of climbing options that help hone physical strength and motor skills
  • A sturdy, well built backyard swing set that can last for many, many years


  • A much more expensive backyard swing set option
  • Can be very difficult to assemble. Some consumers have recommended hiring out the building process
  • Adventurous little toddlers will need to be watched closely if allowed around this play set

Backyard Swing Sets Buyer’s Guide

swingset or playground in a home backyard

Consider the Space Limitations Around Your Swing Set

It is generally recommended to account for an additional six feet of space around your backyard swing set before installing it. This is called a “safety zone” or “fall zone” and ensures kiddos aren’t hitting trees, fences, or other risks while swinging, sliding, and such.

You will need to factor in this space necessity when deciding how much room you have for a swing set. This will in turn affect what size swing set you might be able to install in your backyard.

Consider The Ages of the Kids Who Will Use the Backyard Swing Set

Backyard swing sets have the potential to be enjoyable for kids of all ages. However, not all backyard swing sets are appropriate for all ages. When choosing one that fits your lifestyle, family, and needs, you will want to consider the ages of the kids who will use the backyard swing set.

This can be about more than just how old your kids are when you first purchase the swing set. Do you want one that will grow with them and that they can get many years of use out of? Or are you just looking for something to last a summer or two? Is this meant for your older kiddos to use now and your little ones–or future kids–to grow into?

Also, consider that older kids can tend to be rougher and more daring in their play at times. This can necessitate a larger, sturdier backyard swing set that can handle that kind of treatment.

These are all important factors to consider, as they will help define the best backyard swing set for you–based on your needs for size, space, durability, longevity, amenities and features, and so much more.

Consider How Many Kids Will Use the Backyard Swing Set

Most backyard swing sets are built at least relatively sturdy. However, sturdiness can wear down faster if you have a lot of kids using your backyard swing set quite frequently. So, when purchasing the best backyard swing set for you, consider how much use it will see.

Does your kiddo have a lot of friends? Do you have several children? Will multiple kids be spending a lot of time on the swing set? If so, you may need to lean toward more durable materials in order to ensure a long lasting, stable product.

Weigh Risks Against Commodities

Nowadays, there are copious amounts of features and add ons you can purchase with or for your backyard swing set. From climbing walls to monkey bars and more, you can often find some really cool commodities for your backyard swing set!

However, it’s important to factor in the risks of these commodities as well. Some add ons may be fun for your older kids, but a risk to toddlers. There may be attractive features that your kids, for whatever reason at whatever age, just aren’t ready for yet.

It’s always important to weigh these risks against the necessity of the commodities. Only you can decide whether a backyard swing set with extra bells and whistles is worth any potential hazards those features bring.

Keep Your Space In Mind

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes! Fortunately, so do backyard swing sets as well. The amount of space you can dedicate to a backyard swing set is a key factor in choosing the best backyard swing set for your home and family.

Before making any swing set purchases, be sure to take down the measurements of the swing set and assess whether it will fit into your space. It’s also wise to consider how much room will be left over for kiddos to play other games, run around, and use their toys after the backyard swing set is installed.

Backyard Swing set Frequently Asked Questions

Small set of playground on a green lawn at the fenced backyard at Utah. There are swings and slide near the trees and white vinyl fence outside against the neighborhood houses at the background.

What’s the best material for a backyard swing set?

Your typical backyard swing sets will come in one of three materials: metal, wood, or plastic. Each has its own pros and cons.

Metal swing sets can be cheaper and require less maintenance, with just a touch of paint or repair if there is chipping (in order to avoid rust). However, they can be less durable in the long term and grow hot to the touch in the summertime. They also tend to be very straightforward, without many options to customize once you’ve bought them.

Wooden sets, meanwhile, tend to be sturdier and more customizable, with lots of various accessories and add ons. However, they will need to be stained every couple of years to avoid molding and breakdown.

Finally, plastic sets tend to be smaller and will not last as long. But they can also be the easiest to transport, the easiest to fit into smaller backyard spaces, and the most hazard-free for younger kiddos.

Ultimately, the best material option comes down to your specific needs, the ages of your kiddos, and how much effort and accessorizing you want to be able to do for your backyard swing set.

How do I anchor my backyard swing set?

When it comes to metal and wooden swing sets, anchoring them is a must to prevent weight, weather, and other factors from tipping them over and possibly causing harm to people or property. Many backyard swing set kits will come with anchors included, and if not, you can purchase them online.

If you are purchasing a much larger backyard swing set, however, these types of anchors typically will not be enough. Instead, consider digging holes for the swing set legs and pouring concrete around the legs to help anchor them into the ground. This should only be done after carefully leveling your swing set, as once the concrete dries, you will not be able to move and adjust the swing set.

Should I put anything besides grass beneath my backyard swing set?

This is truly up to you. It’s likely that kiddos will take a hard tumble now and again from a backyard swing set–even if it’s a small one. Grass can be a fine cushion, but if you’re worried about smaller kids or frequent falls, you might consider supplementing with some additional materials.

Some popular shock absorbing materials to place underneath backyard swing sets include several inches deep of rubber mulch, sand, or wood mulch. If using wood mulch, be aware that there is a risk for splinters.

Wrapping up the Best Backyard Swing Sets

Ready for years of fun with the best backyard swing set for your home, yard, and family? Don’t stop there! Be sure to check out our Backyard Living page for great ideas on other ways to make your backyard space an unforgettable oasis for your family and friends to enjoy.