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11 of the Best Apple Orchards in Idaho

Are you looking for apple orchards in Idaho to visit this fall? Visiting an apple orchard is the perfect fall activity for people of all ages. Whether you want to pick your own apples, get some fresh apple cider, or simply walk through an orchard to breathe in the fresh, crisp, fall air, Idaho has an apple orchard for you.

Person holding a yellow apple above a crate of picked yellow apples.

Keep reading to find the best apple orchards in Idaho and get ready to eat some tasty apples!

The Best Apple Orchards in Idaho

We’ve organized our list of Idaho apple orchards by region within the state. That way, it’ll be easy to find an apple orchard to visit near you! (Or if you’ve got travel plans in Idaho, you’ll be able to work a visit to an apple orchard into your itinerary.)

Best Northern Idaho Apple Orchards

1. Mountain View Organic Orchard

Bonners Ferry

Mountain View Organic Orchard is one of the best apple orchards in Idaho if you’re looking for organic apples. The orchard is certified organic and has fresh apples, cherries, and berries.

The orchard is located near the Canadian border in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains. It is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but especially in the fall when you can walk through the orchard to pick your own apples.

Closeup of apples on a tree. U-pick is available at many of the best apple orchards in Idaho.

Some apple varieties they grow include Golden Delicious, Gala, and Honeycrisp. In the summer, you can pick your own sweet, red Lapin cherries.

2. Athol Orchards Antique Apple Farm and Bakery


Athol Orchards specializes in historic apple varieties that are useful for many different purposes including making cider, apple pie, apple butter, or eating fresh off the tree. It’s one of the best apple orchards in Idaho for heirloom apples.

Visit the orchard to pick your own apples, then stop by the farm store for a fresh-baked treat like apple donuts or a pie to take home.

Apple cinnamon donuts.

In addition to the apple trees, the orchard is also home to a number of maple trees that are used to make real maple syrup. Maple sugaring isn’t just for the Northeast, Idaho is the perfect place for delicious maple syrup and you can get some of your own right on the farm.

For a yummy fall treat, try a bottle of their apple cider syrup. It’s great on top of pancakes, as a glaze for roasting meats and vegetables, as a flavor for your coffee, and for many other uses!

Best Central Idaho Apple Orchards

3. Mountain Roots Orchard

New Meadows

Mountain Roots Orchard is a small, family-owned orchard with a historic past. The property dates back to at least the 1920s.

When the Komminani family purchased the property back in 2011 they found a lot of work needed to be done to restore the Orchard to a thriving, natural habitat for both apple trees and other native plants and animals. They use natural methods and minimal machinery as they work to restore the orchard. The Orchard opened to the public in 2016.

A basket of harvested apples.

At the farm store, you can get fresh apples as well as a number of other fruits, vegetables, and herbs, all grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

This Idaho apple orchard is open to visitors every Thursday through Saturday from June to October. There is an annual apple cider festival every fall to celebrate the harvest season — an event not to be missed!

4. Kelley Orchards


At Kelley Orchards you’ll find much more than just apples. The orchard also grows many other kinds of fruit including peaches, nectarines, pears, grapes, berries, tomatoes, and more.

Stop by the 100-year-old barn to check in before heading out to the orchard to choose your own fresh, ripe, apples straight from the tree. If you don’t want to pick your own apples, you can buy pre-picked apples by the bag or box in the barn.

A jar of apple jelly.

If you like dried fruit, Kelley Orchards is one of the best apple in orchards in Idaho that you won’t want to miss. They offer a wide selection of dried fruit along with jams, jellies, sauces, and other products made with fresh fruit from the farm.

Best Southern Idaho Apple Orchards

5. Anderson Apple Ranch


Anderson Apple Ranch offers pick your own apples in Idaho at affordable prices. They have Oregon Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples. Come hungry, guests are welcome to eat as many apples as they like while picking, you’ll pay by the pound only for the apples you take home.

A little girl eating an apple.

The orchard has space for picnicking, so pack a lunch and stay awhile! They are open Fridays and Saturdays in September and October when the apples are ready.

6. Tylers Rocky Point Orchard


Like many of the apple orchards in Idaho, Tylers Rocky Point Orchard offers several different kinds of fresh fruit in the summer and fall including cherries, peaches, apricots, and of course apples. They grow several different apple varieties including Fuji, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Liberty, and more.

Yellow-green apples growing on a tree.

They offer both pick your own and pre-picked fruit. You can bring your own ladder or stepstool to reach fruit that is higher up in the trees. The season runs from mid-June through the end of October

7. Candy Apple Orchards


At Candy Apple Orchards you’ll find Rome Beauties, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apples. Visit this Idaho apple orchard for some family-friendly fall fun or just drop in at the farm store to get your fresh-picked apples.

There are picnic tables available, or you’re welcome to find a spot out in the orchard to enjoy a picnic lunch.

On Sundays, you can often see a demonstration of the old, refurbished cider press. If you’re visiting on another day, call ahead if you’d like to see the cider press and they will try to arrange it for you.

A basket of apples next to an apple cider press.

At the farm store, you can also find local honey, jams, jellies, apple and pumpkin butter, fruit salsas, and other tasty treats.

8. Cabalo’s Orchard and Gardens


Up next on our list of the best apple orchards in Idaho is Cabalo’s Orchard and Gardens. All crops at the orchard (including apples, berries, popcorn, and a large selection of vegetables) are grown without the use of pesticides. Instead, they use natural methods of pest control and fertilizers.

View down rows of trees in an apple orchard.

The orchard is open in the summer when the first crops are ready to harvest, and they stay open until the fall when the last apples and pumpkins are finished for the year.

They offer pick your own for many of their crops, including apples and pumpkins in the fall. The orchard is open Thursday-Sunday in summer and fall.

9. Woodland Orchards


If you like caramel apples, Woodland Orchards is one of the apple orchards in Idaho that you won’t want to miss. Fresh Gala apples are dipped in a special family recipe caramel sauce for a fantastic caramel apple that tastes delicious any time of year.

The small family orchard uses their own home-grown apples to make gourmet caramel apples in sixteen different flavors year-round. Every month they offer a unique flavor of the month and they will even do custom flavors for you on request.

Caramel apples with various toppings.

If that wasn’t enough reason to visit, they have even more treats including fresh fudge, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered gummy bears, caramel pretzel logs, and freshly pressed apple cider.

Visit the Caramel Apple Cottage to get all these tasty treats and more. They are open on Saturdays year-round, or you can request a custom order for pick up Wednesday-Friday.

10. Northview Orchard


If you’re looking for some affordable fall fun, Northview Orchard is definitely one of the best apple orchards in Idaho for you. Visit the orchard to pick your own fruit including apples and pears in the fall and cherries in the summer.

The prices for both pre-picked fruit and pick your own are budget-friendly and there is no entry fee. What better way to enjoy a beautiful fall day in the fresh, country air than with some affordable fall fun picking your own fresh apples.

A person holding handfuls of apples.

Some varieties they grow at Northview include Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Robinette, Cameo, Winter Banana, and more! They accept cash and checks only, no debit or credit cards.

11. Isom’s Apple Fruit Farm


At Isom’s Apple Fruit Farm you can get prepicked Honeycrisp apples, or pick your own. The service and prices are fantastic and you’ll feel very welcome on the farm.

While you’re there get some fall treats like caramel apples and fresh apple cider. If you can’t make it out to this Idaho apple orchard, visit them at the Farmer’s market in Pocatello or Idaho Falls.

Jugs of apple cider next to baskets of apples.

Visitors are also welcome to visit the orchard in spring when the apple blossoms are on the trees. The blooming apple trees make for a beautiful setting to walk through or take pictures.

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Apple Orchards in Idaho?

Apples in Idaho start ripening in late summer to early fall. Early October is arguably the best time to visit apple orchards in Idaho because the weather is cooler, there are plenty of fresh ripe apples, and they haven’t all been picked yet!

An apple orchard late in the harvest season.

Several of the apple orchards in Idaho welcome visitors at other times of the year as well. You may not get to pick fresh apples in springtime but the beautiful apple blossoms make a visit well worth your time.

Plan Your Visit to an Idaho Apple Orchard!

It’s hard to resist the sweet, crunchy flavor of a fresh-picked, tree-ripened apple. Which of the apple orchards in Idaho are you looking forward to visiting first? If you need ideas on how to use up your fresh-picked apples, check out our suggestions for 18 Best Apple Muffin Recipes.

A pile of picked apples.

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