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How to Throw a Perfect Apple Orchard Wedding

Do you dream of beautiful outdoor views and elegant event spaces for your wedding? It’s possible to have both if you get married at an apple orchard. Apple orchard weddings are charming and memorable. An orchard is the best venue for a romantic event that you and your guests will both love. Here’s everything you should know to throw your dream orchard wedding.

Finding an Apple Orchard Wedding Venue

Apple Orchard Wedding

If you’re looking for a rustic yet elegant wedding venue, an apple orchard wedding is for you. No matter what type of venue you have in mind, there’s probably an orchard near you with something to fit the bill. There are orchards perfect for an intimate outdoor ceremony, and there are orchards with elegant event buildings that will fit all of your guests.

No matter where you live, you can find an orchard venue near you with this venue directory. Once you’ve found an orchard that looks like just the place for your dream wedding, ask a few questions to make sure. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an apple orchard for your wedding:

  • How many people can the ceremony location seat?
  • Does the orchard have a reception space?
  • Are there bathrooms? Is there adequate space for parking?
  • Does the orchard provide chairs or tables?
  • Does the orchard wedding venue provide bar service?
  • Does the orchard have an indoor area in case of inclement weather?

Consider some of these popular orchard wedding venues if you happen to live nearby:

  • Dixon’s Apple Orchard in Cadott, Wisconsin is a charming and elegant orchard venue. It’s incredibly romantic and has plenty of entertainment options, as well as space for both your ceremony and reception. There’s an option to book the venue for an entire weekend. If you live near Wisconsin, Dixon’s Apple Orchard could be the perfect orchard wedding venue for you.
  • Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton, Illinois is an award-winning wedding venue that’s a picturesque location for your orchard wedding. They feature a unique and beautiful pavilion space with gorgeous views of the farm and indoor seating for all of your guests. People travel from all over the country to get married in this elegant apple orchard wedding venue.
  • Finnriver Farm and Cidery in Chimacum Valley, Washington State is an organic apple orchard and event space perfect for a rustic cidery wedding. Here you’ll find beautiful orchard views with the plus of award-winning organic cider made on the farm. This cidery wedding venue is perfect if you want to throw a small and intimate wedding with a lot of character.
  • Smith Barn in Peabody, Massachusets is a historic and elegant wedding location. There’s plenty of parking, acres of beautiful orchards, and a rustic barn space with a full bar perfect for your reception. Even better, there are multiple outdoor locations to choose from for your ceremony.
  • Doe Creek Farm in Blacksburg, Virginia is an authentic farm and orchard wedding venue in the mountains. It’s nationally recognized as a historic location. To make this site even more of a winner, there’s an on-site restaurant and award-winning wine available for your reception. In the spring, you can get married among apple blossoms. In the fall, you can throw your reception with views of beautiful autumn colors all over the farm.

Apple Orchard Wedding Decor

If you’re planning an apple orchard wedding, you probably love all the options for themed decorations your venue offers. From the elegant apple blossom bouquets to rustic apple barrels, there are so many options for making every detail perfect. Here you’ll find inspiration and ideas to plan your orchard wedding decor.

Remember to consider local vendors when planning your orchard wedding. It’s not only a good way to support local businesses. These vendors can usually work with you to get the style on your wedding date just right. Even better, vendors near your location may already be approved by your venue.

Pick a Theme

Bride and groom at wedding reception

To have the perfect orchard wedding day, it’s a good idea to pick some sort of theme or style for the wedding. Whether it be a rustic farm feel, elegance all-around, or a touch of romance, picking a theme will help the details for everything from decor to entertainment come together. Take your chance to incorporate everything the orchard has to offer into your day.

Keep in mind the season for your event. The style of your wedding will probably be different depending on whether it is in the spring or the fall.

Spring Apple Orchard Wedding Decor

Apple orchard weddings in the spring come with gorgeous apple blossoms. Your guests will have a romantic view of hundreds of blossoming trees. Those beautiful blossoms are a wonderful theme to work into your decorations.

Fall Apple Orchard Wedding Decor

If you’re getting married in the fall, you’ll be able to incorporate fresh apples into your day. From fresh apple juice to on-site apple cider, or even an apple bouquet, the options for fall wedding decor are endless.

What to Wear to an Apple Orchard Wedding

Bride and Groom in Apple Orchard

What to wear to an apple orchard wedding can be a perplexing decision. Orchard weddings are a balance of rustic comfort and elegance that can be difficult to navigate. Don’t worry, because here you’ll find everything you need to know to choose your outfit for an orchard wedding.

For a Guest

For a guest, the dress code really depends on what time of day the wedding is and whether it is in an event center or outdoors. If your invitation specified, find a wedding guest attire guide to figure out what the dress code means. If not, read this guide on what to wear to any outdoor wedding. Just remember, the goal is to look stylish but not outshine the happy couple.

For women, a simple semi-formal dress that can be dressed up or down can’t really go wrong. For a spring wedding, blush pink and light green are good color choices. For a fall wedding, jewel and earth tones always work. Make sure it’s something you can dance in and you’re good to go.

For men, a suit and tie is always a good option. Light colors work well for a morning wedding or warm weather, and darker colors are the right option for an evening wedding or the cooler months.

For the Bride

Really, any dress the bride falls in love with works for an orchard wedding. A romantic lace look always works well with the orchard theme, as would a timeless silk gown.

Keep these tips in mind when picking your bridal look for an apple orchard wedding:

  • Long trains can be difficult outdoors.
  • Very sharp heels may cause you to trip if the ground is soft. Chunky heels or pretty sandals look just as gorgeous and are a safer option outdoors.
  • White’s the classic option, but a blush of pink or lavender works well in orchard photos. Don’t be afraid to go for a gown with a touch of color.
  • Pick something that makes you feel fabulous.

Food and Drinks for an Apple Orchard Wedding

There are so many elegant and delicious food and drink options for your apple orchard wedding. From apple cider cocktails to refreshing apple salads, there are options sure to delight you and your guests. Here are some things to consider when choosing food and drinks for an orchard wedding:

Consider some of these apple-themed options.

Weather-Proofing your Apple Orchard Wedding

Apple Orchard Wedding Apple Blooms

One of the biggest joys of an apple orchard wedding are all the beautiful orchard views. However, nature doesn’t always cooperate with your plans. Don’t stress over the weather. Make sure you have a plan for the weather ahead of time so you can focus on enjoying the day.

Rain: Try to choose a venue that has an indoor area. Not only is it the perfect on-site reception venue, but it can also serve as the backup in case of rain. While getting married among the apple trees is romantic, most orchards have an event barn that’s almost as picturesque. Be sure to have an umbrella in your emergency kit just in case.

Sun: If your ceremony is outdoors, don’t forget to account for the sun. A sunburn shouldn’t interrupt your apple orchard wedding. Bring along some sunscreen and sunglasses. When choosing your ceremony location, try to find somewhere with a built-in shade like a pretty gazebo or willow trees.

Wind: Wind-proof your decorations ahead of time. Make sure any flower arrangements are heavy enough to withstand a strong breeze. Choose a hairstyle that won’t be ruined by the wind, and make sure your makeup artists know if your ceremony is outdoors.

Sustainability Tips for an Apple Orchard Wedding

If you’re looking to host an eco-friendly event without forgoing style, an apple orchard wedding is the right option. There are so many ways to work sustainability into your orchard wedding. Even better, by having your wedding at an orchard you’re supporting a business dedicated to preserving the outdoors.

Here are some ideas to make your orchard wedding earth-friendly:

You won’t regret throwing your wedding at an apple orchard. The combination of outdoor views and rustic elegance that an orchard wedding offers is hard to beat. As you plan your apple orchard wedding, keep these tips and tricks in mind.