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Variety & DescriptionHarvest DatesStorage Dates


New apple variety developed by the University of Minnesota
Uses: High quality eating, pies, sauce

Late Aug. – Early Sept.Aug. — Sept.

Chestnut Crab

Large Crabapple, crisp, firm, highly flavored
Uses: Eating

Early Sept.Sept.

Sweet Sixteen

Medium to large size, colored by stripes and solid wash of rosy red. High sugar, moderately acid, crisp, and fine texture.
Uses: Eating, pie, sauce

Mid Sept.Sept. – Oct.


Medium size, nearly solid red. High quality for eating, Rich flavor, but soft when cooked.
Uses: Eating, pie, sauce, baking

Early Sept.Sept. – Oct.


Red, mottled yellow background, extremely crisp & juicy. Excellent, well-balanced, aromatic flavor.
Uses: Eating, sauce, pie

Mid – Late Sept.Sept. – March


Medium size, attractive red. White flesh similar to McIntosh. Holds flesh color well in salad.
Uses: Eating pie, sauce, baking, salad

Mid Sept. – Mid Oct.Sept. – Jan.


Medium size, attractive red. Very popular, tart juicy apple for eating and cooking.
Uses: Fresh eating, pie, sauce, baking, freezing

Late Sept. – Early Oct.Oct. – March


Medium to large size, golden to yellow green. Flesh is crisp, yellow juicy. Flavor similar to Golden Delicious.
Uses: Fresh eating, pie, sauce, freezing

Early Oct.Oct. – Feb.


Medium size. Bright red obscure stripes. Flesh is crisp and juicy.
Uses: Fresh eating, pie, sauce, baking, freezing

Early – Mid Oct.Oct. – April


Small to medium with irregular angular sides, red. Light yellow fine textured flesh, hard and crisp. Store under humid conditions.
Uses: Fresh eating, pie, sauce.

Mid – Late Oct.Oct. – April


Excellent dessert apple. High quality. White flesh. Firm & juicy.
Uses: Fresh eating, baking, sauce.

Late Sept. – Early Oct.Sept. – Jan.


A red apple, cross between Zestar/HoneyCrisp. Eating quality similar to Honey Crisp
Uses: Fresh eating, sauce.

Early Sept.Sept. – Oct.