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Minnetonka Orchards is visited by a variety of local artists on the weekends – at no cost to you.

Check out our 2018 lineup below!

8    TBD
9    Matt Muller& Ron Tracy
15  Carol Zimmerman
16  Michael Monroe
22  Billy Johnson
23  Matt Muller & Scottie Devlin
29  Chuck Skajewski
30  Clark Machtemes

6    Matt Muller & Ron Tracy
7    Pushing Chain
13  Matt Muller & Ron Tracy
14  Mishmash Duo (Ali Gray)
19  Jollypops (solo)
20  Billy Johnson
21  Matt Muller & Ron Tracy
27  Becky Rae Dalton
28  Jollypops

A selection of artists that have visited us in the past.

Billy Johnson
Matt Muller
BZ Girls
Michael Monroe
Ron Tracy
Mishmash Duo (Ali Gray Duo)
Pushing Chain
Bill Hartong (and the Jolly Pops)
Dustin Lee
Chuck Skajewski