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By: Leslie White

Fall is a very romantic season for a wedding. It’s loved by many women for the opportunity to take beautiful photos in the gorgeous weather. Moreover, fall is loved by many couples because of comfortable weather as it’s already not hot but still not cold.

What’s one of the most important aspects of a wedding for every bride no matter what the wedding season? Of course, it’s a wedding gown. We at can’t say wedding dresses for fall wedding differ a lot from the ones for summer or winter. However, the choice of fall wedding gowns has its peculiarities and aspects to consider. 

First of all, many women may believe the best dresses for a fall wedding have sleeves. Of course, all brides want to feel comfortable and warm at their wedding day and sleeves add a bit of warmth to any dress. There are many cool wedding dresses with long sleeves in all the possible silhouettes. Secondly, despite their popularity, sleeves aren’t obligatory for fall wedding dresses. You may choose a strapless or spaghetti strap wedding dress, but considering complementing the neckline of your dress with a lace cape or bolero. In such a way, your dress will look similar to one with sleeves.

Even if you are going to choose among fall wedding gowns with sleeves, it’s not a guarantee that the sleeves will add warmth. For instance, if you are getting married in late November, you may consider buying a beautiful white wrap to add as an accessory. For instance, it can be a capelet, bolero, jacket or even shawl.

Another aspect is length. Bridal dresses must be of the proper length. A dress that is too long may get dirty quickly. The best variant is when one inch is left between the hemline and ground. Think carefully if you need a train for your fall wedding dress. Undoubtedly, a train adds luxury to any dress and looks gorgeous in photos. However, it’s difficult to keep clean if it’s a rainy day. 

You may also wonder what the best fabric for a fall wedding gown is. It might be advantageous to choose a gown with heavier fabrics such as satin, brocade or taffeta. For the silhouette of your dress, there are no preferable styles for fall. 

All in all, your wedding dress should make YOU feel beautiful and be one that you will look back on wearing for the rest of your life. WE hope these pointers offered helpful suggestions to get you thinking about your dream fall wedding dress. Happy shopping!

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